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Anthologies for Bibliolabs:

Civil War Espionage: A Historical Collection

General Sherman and his March to the Sea

Architecture in the American South: A Historical Collection

The California Gold Rush

Jamestown Discovered

David Livingstone: His Life, Achievements and Legacy


Articles for Ulendo:

History of Tea Cultivation in Malawi published in the Air Malawi in-flight magazine, Ulendo, Issue 20, 2012

Malawi is for True Safari Enthusiasts published in the Air Malawi in-flight magazine, Ulendo, Issue 20, 2012


Articles for The Eye:

Around the World Six Times – The Story of Gertrude Benham published in The Eye, March-May2012

The CharChar Trust published in The Eye, March-May 2012

King’s African Rifles published in The Eye, September-November 2011

A History of the Postal Service published in The Eye, June-August 2011

Majestic Majete published in The Eye, December 2010-February 2011


Articles for Be My Guest:

Sabbatini’s Castle published in Be My Guest, Issue 4 2011