Muli Bwanji, Y’all was a boutique travel blog that described daily expat life in Africa.  It includes observations on culture, current events, travel, cuisine, language, people, and our visits to Zimbabwe, Zambia, Zanzibar, South Africa, and Mozambique.  Don’t miss my posts on chibuku (a popular alcoholic ‘beer’ with the consistency of oatmeal), attempts at learning the language, photographs of the beautiful people of Malawi, or my last post that recaps our incredible experiences and favorite moments.

To date the blog has had over 72,000 views and almost 800 comments.


Gin and Cotton is my new history blog – check out posts on a long-secret letter from Jackie Kennedy to Marie Tippet or Alexandria’s hidden history.

There is also a collection of historic cocktail recipes that will make you want to run to the nearest speakeasy.